Baumgarten Di Marco are certified by Craftmark, who work to promote and support genuine handicrafts producers in India. Craftmark adds value to the products by identifying the craft technique in the product and certifying its authenticity. The result is sustainable sales of craft in the retail markets, greater rural employment and increased consumer awareness. 

Our diamonds are purchased from authorised diamond traders in India which is the world's largest manufacturing centre for diamonds.





Baumgarten Di Marco are proud to announce that we have signed the initiative Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter to actively work together with the industry for the industry on issues of diversity and social sustainability. 




It's our belief that operating from the heart and social responsibility are vital parts of running a business. These beliefs are essential when choosing partners. For us, it is important that we work closely with our partners and ensure that our Code of Conduct is followed. Our vision is that all our operations are run ethically in a way that is socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable. This is not always easy but this is our goal. 

Social responsibility, for us, includes the creation of long-term relationships with our partners. These relationships are based on honestly and transparency. Our ambition for our employees and partners is to be able to grow together. 

Our environmental responsibility means that we constantly strive to reduce our environmental footprint. Expanding our products' lifetime - by offering high quality, timeless design and styles and durability - decrease the overall negative environmental impact of overconsumption and the excessive production of short-lived items.

Our economic responsibility focuses on pursuing activities with a long-term, sustainable approach. By being financially profitable and advancing, we are able to invest profits and resources into important CSR opportunities.

Our ethical responsibility will always be factored into everything we do and this, is reflected in the way we act in all situations. Our aim is to be part of the solution rather than the problem. It is our long-term strategy that all people involved in our production should be treated with respect. We all agree on the importance to uphold human rights and to support fair, safe and healthy working conditions, including fair wages. We shall review our principles, our CSR policy and our performance annually in order to guarantee that our promises are in line with our vision for the future.